• 20x8 foot container with doors that open on two sides

  • Walk-out treatment areas with beds

  • Lab testing area

  • Reception and patient intake area

  • Sufficient room for storage

  • Customizable medical equipment

  • Power/electrical system

  • Capacity for water needs

  • Solar capabilities


Trained and licensed teams of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and equipment maintenance personnel staff our containers to administer medical services in the location where it the MMC is deployed. In developing countries, they are staffed with national health care workers. In disaster-stricken areas, other health care professionals may also supplement national workers.


Whether a catastrophic disaster renders existing medical infrastructure inaccessible, or a developing country lacks its own quality primary medical care, we can produce a mobile medical clinic (MMC). Container based clinics have the ability to be delivered whenever and wherever necessary. Because we do not make external adjustments, our MMCs can be shipped like a standard shipping container.

Our containers are usually deployed in or near villages or population centers. This provides a steady source of patients, many of whom will be treated on a recurrent basis. It also provides the means for housing and meals for the staff. MMCs are equipped with electronic patient record ID systems and communications equipment, which links each container to a designated national or regional health care central monitoring facility.