Ghana Health Service

After several months of negotiations with the Ghana Health Service, Thomas Petersen, PMMI CEO, executed a contract on November 11, 2016 to provide Ghana with up to 6000 MMCs strategically located throughout Ghana over the next 3-to-5 years.

The first phase of implementation, beginning in 2017, will provide quality primary medical care, screening, and education to 20 locations.

How can you help?

The GHS will contribute 35 percent of the cost. PMMI, as a part of its dedication to Ghana over 20 years, is campaigning for financial support to meet the remaining 65 percent.  Access to primary health care and education to under-served people, ending needless death, will require another $2.5 - $3M.

Please consider this project during your end-of-year giving plans, or donate today to our charitable partner, the New Horizons Foundation.

Our affiliations with Africa Partners and Africa Partners Medical have opened new relationships.  Dr. Ebeneezer Appiah-Denkyira, retired Director General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) in Ghana, Africa, introduced us to the Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS). This GHS program moves health services to community locations, develops sustainable volunteerism and community health action, empowers women and vulnerable groups, and improves interaction between health providers, households, and communities. We learned that with the challenges of building brick and mortar healthcare facilities in Ghana, our mobile medical clinics (MMCs) are the perfect solution for CHPS clinics.
PMMI is in a unique position to assist the GHS with the deployment of clinics, and with collaborative health initiatives to provide hypertension, cataract, and hepatitis screenings.  Through this relationship of deploying MMCs for use as CHPS clinics, it is estimated that the first deployment phase alone can provide approximately 10 million people with access toprimary health care and wellness education.